About BlueRock

The leading engineered cell therapy company

The convergence of cell biology and genetic engineering is creating fundamental new ways to impact disease. Founded in 2016 to capitalize on these technological breakthroughs, we are advancing our novel cell+gene platform to develop, manufacture, and deliver an entirely new generation of authentic and engineered cell therapies across three therapeutic areas: neurology, cardiology, and immunology.

Our foundational science harnesses the ability to create and then direct the differentiation of universal pluripotent stem cells into authentic, functional cells that can be used as allogeneic cellular therapies to treat a broad array of diseases. We can also further engineer these cells, enabling them to produce enzymes, antibodies, and other proteins for additional therapeutic benefit.

We are passionate about delivering on the promise of cellular and gene therapy, shaping the future of cellular medicine, and delivering new therapies to millions of patients with few treatment options.

Combining our cell+gene platform with our state-of-the art manufacturing techniques, we are industrializing pre-eminent academic research and are advancing a promising product pipeline:

  • Neurology: our lead program is a first-in-class cellular therapy in development for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, we are advancing three proof of concept neurological programs
  • Cardiology: our lead program is a cellular therapy to treat heart failure
  • Immunology: we are advancing several pre-clinical programs in macrophages and regulatory T cells

BlueRock at a Glance

BlueRock at a Glance

With operations in Cambridge, New York, and Toronto, BlueRock was capitalized with one of the largest-ever Series A financings in biotech history by Versant Ventures and Bayer AG.