The BlueRock Difference – Authentic Cells

BlueRock has a superior understanding and know-how of the intricate requirements needed to differentiate pluripotent cells into specific cells in the body – neuronal cells, cardiac cells, immune cells and more. Using our proprietary bioprocess and manufacturing techniques, we create stable master cell banks capable of virtually unlimited expansion and differentiation into any cell type.

Our advanced gene editing capabilities further allow us to engineer iPSCs into authentic cells to enable new therapeutic modalities. BlueRock scientists can program those replacement cells to carry out specific functions, whether that be delivering lost signals in the brain, pumping blood in the heart, or activating a therapeutic immune response.

Our expertise in producing authentic cells opens the door to creating medicines that raise the standard of care from outdated “band-aid” fixes to replacing cells that have been lost, and engineering them to work seamlessly with the surrounding healthy cells to restore function.

Diagram showing BlueRock’s process for making authentic cells from healthy donor cells. Can be differentiated into neurons, cardiomyoctyes, and macrophages.